Reviews & Quotes


Enchanting  -  Sunday Times


A profound voice  -  Gerard Mannix Flynn


The energy and love in Noel O' Grady's voice evoke a spiritual healing and peace that can be only experienced

through the joy of listening to his music  -  Audrey Dunphy


Your music is beautiful” -  Jean Kennedy Smith


The Voice of Joyce  -  Evening Herald


Superb, musically and emotionally -  Jane Urquhart


Noel O' Grady's  interpretations and renditions of the songs associated with James Joyce are unrivalled 

- The James Joyce Centre, Dublin


Noel O' Grady sang a beautiful version of The Lass of Aughrim  -  Christy Moore


Noel O’ Grady stilled the audience with a stunning interpretation ... 

Noel O' Grady performed The Lass of Aughrim to haunting effect

            Honeyed vocals, crystalline delivery... A cut above the rest    -   Irish Times


... the words of music and love at their most enchantingly beautiful -  Brendan Kennelly


Noel O' Grady exquisitely renders songs relating to Joyce, a cappella, and brings tear to the eye

                                                                                                      -    London Glossy Magazine


The Enchanted Way, Noel O' Grady's debut album, is a collectors' item  - World of Hibernia


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